Is parking included?
Each house has access to two parking permits which must be obtained from the City of Yarra for your specific car. Not many students have cars so you should have no problem getting a permit if you need one. There may be a small cost (around $40). 

What meals are included?

Weeknight dinners are included in your fees. Students dine together for dinner each weeknight. In addition, we include a range of different meals including formal dinners, casual weekend barbeques, special nights out and picnics.

Dining Options for Students in Shared Housing

How easy is it to get to uni?
This really depends where you are studying and in which house you are living. All houses are within walking distance of Melbourne Uni, ACU, RMIT and Collarts. Most houses are near Brunswick, Nicholson or Smith Streets, where you can access regular trams to the RMIT city campus, ACU, VCA and the Bundoora campuses of LaTrobe University and RMIT.  Some houses are close to Johnston Street, on the bus route to Melbourne Uni. We will try to put you in a house that enables you to get to your campus as easily as possible

Can I invite friends over for dinner?
Your family are always welcome to join us for dinner when they are visiting you.  You are welcome to bring friends to dinner from time to time. More details on this can be found in our Orientation Handbook.

Can the College cater for special dietary requirements?
Absolutely. If you have any special needs, please note them on the application form so we can ensure they are catered for.  

Does BSC offer in-house tutorials?
We can organise tutorials in any subject or discipline where students  need help.  The House Wardens meet with all students regularly to ensure their individual study needs are met. They arrange for tutors in specific subjects as required and work with students to ensure they know how to access the library, they assist with research methods, helps students develop/improve study skills and mentor them informally. 

Are tutorials included in the cost?
Yes. We think tutorials are an important part of the College experience and we cover the cost of these.  Whilst we encourage academic tutorials, we can accommodate alternatives and will discuss these with individual students.

Can I have friends to stay in my room?
Yes, occasionally. You need to be respectful of your housemates when doing this.  If you want to have someone to stay for more than a night or two you will need to discuss this with the Warden.


Do I need to bring my own bedroom furniture?
All houses are fully furnished; however, we have found that some students prefer to bring their own bedroom furniture. We provide bedroom furniture including a bed, desk, chair and cupboard however, if you would prefer to bring your own, just let us know in your application.

How much does it cost to live In BSC?
The fees for 2022 are listed under Fees on this website. They include accommodation, meals, utilities, tutorials, activities and mentoring. 

Can I pay my fees in instalments?
Yes. We will bill you in eleven equal monthly instalments over the year to make it easier for you to budget. If you choose to pay your semester fees within the first two weeks of each semester, we offer a 2% discount.

Does BSC offer any bursaries or scholarships?
The College tries to assist students who are paying their own way and are struggling with the fees. Please indicate in your application if you wish to apply for a bursary and discuss your situation with the Warden.

Do I have to move out in the holidays?
No. Your fees include the Easter and mid-year holidays at a reduced rate. There are no organised meals in the holidays. We have a number of students who choose to stay on over summer so they can work or study and we they also pay the reduced weekly rate.

Can I choose with whom I share a house?
In your first year you will be allocated a room in a house, generally with a mix of other new students and returning students. At the end of each year we ask returning students to choose where they would like to live, and they can also choose one other person with whom they would like to share. We don’t guarantee that we can satisfy everyone’s choice but we do our best.

Is there internet access in the houses?
All houses have broadband internet access with a wireless modem. Most are now connected to the NBN and all houses will be as it continues to roll out.  The cost of internet access is included in your fees.

Are there telephones in the houses?

Based on experience we do not have telephones in the houses as we assume all students have mobile telephones. Alternative arrangements can of course be made.