Social Life for Students

The College has a rich and varied social life that starts in Orientation Week (more of that on the O Week page) and runs throughout the year.  Some of the activities we run (when Covid allows!) include:


  • Formal dinners: These are held at the beginning and end of each semester. They are an opportunity to dress up for a special meal and we often invite a guest to speak;

  • The Brunswick Street Ball: This is fast becoming an institution, usually held in Semester Two and attracts both past and current students and staff;

  • House gatherings: We encourage each house to organise social activities throughout the year. These are generally informal affairs as the houses take it in turn to host the rest of the College.

  • Dine-out dinners: A few nights each week we explore different cuisines on offer in our local area ranging from Indian curry or Vietnamese nights to the vast array of pubs hidden away in Fitzroy.

  • From time to time we take also take day trips out to the country to places like the Alexandra Picnic Races.