Established in 2000, Brunswick Street College is very different to other residential colleges associated with the universities in Melbourne. While the College offers the benefits of its larger counterparts, such as formal balls and dinners, special events and academic support, BSC offers a social and cultural life specific to students.


The varied and communal nature of the College aims to support young people on their journey after school life. Our students live in shared houses with one another rather than large accommodation buildings, providing a less confronting atmosphere. Students work together to shop, cook, and keep their houses clean. Our nightly dinners during the week provide a welcome opportunity for everyone from the various houses to come together.  Our college staff are at dinner each evening and offer support and guidance as required. While the students are given certain responsibilities, such as preparing their own meals for breakfasts, lunches and on weekends, our staff are always on hand to assist.

Why choose BSC for your Student Housing?

Student Accommodton Melbourne - Dining Out

BSC is there to guide students but also to offer a degree of freedom in which young people thrive, allowing them to mature as confident individuals. For many students, this is the first time that they have lived away from home. It is a transitional stage, and one that can have significant influence upon your future well-being.

We encourage students to have tuition in the subjects of their choice. We organise tutorials in both study methods and specific subjects across the arts and sciences. We select tutors not just to offer tuition, but also to act as informal mentors to their students. Contact with graduates from their course can offer invaluable opportunities for students, including advice on how to get the most out of their studies.


The college also encourages students to make the most of the opportunities university life can provide. As well as our regular Academic Dinners with guest speakers, students can get involved in social activities, film nights and a variety of other organised cultural and sporting activities.

The reasons students choose Brunswick Street College over other residential accommodation are as varied as the students themselves. Some like the location, the communal nature of the College, the houses and the staff; others like the affordability compared to other residences, the cafes, the close proximity to transport and the city and the dinners. But at the end of the day it is the students themselves who decide whether they have a good time at university. We just offer what we hope is the best environment for them to do so.

We hope you'll agree.